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Ever wonder what kind of information you'll need for a loan application?  Print out the handy checklist below!

Loan Application Documents Checklist

____ Employer's verification address, contact phone number for personnel  for both Borrower. and Co-Borrower.  We need to verify the last two years employment.
____ Copy of Borrower's and Co-borrower's last 2 years W-2s.
____ For self-employed, a Year-To-Date signed Profit & Loss Statement and current balance sheet. Copies of Federal Tax Returns for the last 2 years including all schedules, W-2s, 1099s, etc. These copies must be signed and dated.
____ Copy of Borrower's and Co-borrower's last 4 weeks pay stubs.
____ Copy of Borrower's and Co-borrower's Driver's License or photo ID and social security number.
____ Diploma or school transcripts, if you have been a student within the last 2 years
____ Banks: Last 3 months statements (ALL pages of statements)
____ After you purchase, verification of deposits after all funds needed for closing are on deposit.
____ Current account statements received for all asset accounts (savings, checking, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, IRA, 401(k), etc.)
____ After you purchase, copy of front and back of cancelled earnest money check or copy of front of un-cancelled check and copy of  bank statements showing it cleared from your account.
____ Loans:  Names, addresses account numbers, current balance and minimum monthly payments for ALL of the following:
            ____ Installment loans
            ____ Credit cards
            ____ In-store credit cards
            ____ Student loans
____ Landlord's name, address, phone numbers for the last 2 years.
____ If applies, ALL PAGES of divorce decrees, property settlements, separation agreements, child support.
____ If applies, Bankruptcy papers with ALL PAGES and an explanation of the circumstances of the bankruptcy.
____ For VA loans, an ORIGINAL copy of VA Certificate of Eligibility.
____ Copy of Social Security award letter, if you get Social Security.
For refinance loans:
____ Condos/Homeowners Association: Name, address and phone number of your Homeowner's Association.
____ "Purpose for refinance" letter
____ Current mortgage company name, address, phone numbers and account numbers.
____ Copy of face page of homeowner's insurance policy. 

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