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LoanAmount:                     260000
TypeLoan:                          Purchase
Financing:                           Conv fix
Borrower:                           James Borrower
CoBorrower:                      Susan Borrower
Address:                             5505 South Michigan Ave #1
City:                                   Chicago
State:                                  IL
Zip:                                     60637
HomePhone:                       773-555-1234
WorkPhone:                       312-555-4321
Purch_Price_or_Value:       275000
CashDown:                         27500
PropertyAddress:                225 North Milwaukee
PropertyCity:                      Chicago
PropertyState:                     IL
PropertyZip:                        60657
Property_type:                    Condo
Occupy:                              yes
Have_Realtor:                     yes
Want_Realtor:                     no
Credit:                                 good
BorrowerJob:                      salaried/hourly
CoborrowerJob:                  salaried/hourly
BorrowerEmployer:             Motorola
CoBorrowerEmployer:        Nordstroms    
Years_with_employer:         10  
Coborrow_yrs_employer:    5
Borrower_gross_income:     5600
Coborrow_gross_income:    4500   
Borrower_liquid_assets:       50000
Coborrow_liquid_assets:      10000
Borrower_Retirement:          24500
Coborrower_retirement:       21300  
Borrower_car_payments:     0
Coborrower_car_pmt:         320 
Borrower_revolving_debt:    100
Coborrow_revolving_debt:   50
Other_monthly_debt:            none
Date:                                     Sunday June 16, 2002
Time:                                     11:31 PM

Possibly would like to purchase the above property, but no contract on it yet.  Would like to get preapproved first.

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